Writing weekend

So, I have this favourite writing friend of mine, Hanne Linander, who also seems to have gotten herself into a pregnant situation, litteraly. And based on real life experience, we have concluded that the next year might hold less space for creative writing. So, we decided to go on a proper writing retreat before everything gets out of hand.

Some research, planning, hard calendar prioritising later, and we met in Oslo. Walking via a great bar, a even greater Izakaya, dropping in for a beer with friends (the beer would be for me, non pregnant as I am, yey), and finally arriving at this lovely hotel with autumn leaves covering the entire facade, and a fireplace in the reading room.

We brought the necessary Harry Potter perihelia, decorated the hotel room with inspirational photos downloaded totally illegally from the internet, listned to LOTR theme music and loaded up on cacao. And we wrote.

Yes, we had a lot of walks out, to get food, buy unsuitably expensive notebooks and drank some more beer (again, me, yey). Before returning to read aloud, and crush some more words.

Non of us produced masterpieces or got published (though we did walk past a least one publishing house), but we definitively found a great way to prioritise writing, in good company. We even managed to move everything a couple of inches forward (and maybe to the left. Yes, looking at you now, Hanne.)

All in all, the best idea.


Tuva Tovslid (2)

At 9 am

I normally wake up earlier than my houseband. If I can, I like to make coffee and sit down to write in peace until he gets up and we start our day.

Some days ago we had some friends over for dinner and wine, and later breakfast. My friend loves writing as much as me, so we got up, made coffee and sat out in the morning sun, writing, no talking, until the boys got up. That is how you start the day right!

New home

Tuva Tovslid

Still need some bookshelfs

The last weeks have been unproductive writingwise and super  productive lifewise. We found a new house, moved in and have had visitors ever since. It is so nice, but makes for so little writing. I guess that is what vacations are for.

At least my writing desk is finally ready and I got to chose the quietest room in the house. All I hear are my computer and som birds outside my window. I can hardly wait for autumn and more time to write again.

Writing away from my pc

Writing space (2)

Writing outside

When I’m away, traveling og hiking for instance, I seldom bring my laptop. If I come up with something cool I’ll usually just write a short email to my self. But if I am away for a whole day or more, and I know I will have som quite time for myself, I bring a notebook.

Sometimes I try to solve something in my manuscript, new settings help me think in a different way. But more often I  just write a couple of pages without focusing on the result. It’s like quiet, focused play in som ways. And play is really, really important.

Writing in hotels

Writing space (3)

Hotel writing at Cyprus

Most hotel rooms has a desk of some sort, but seldom with a view. While I don’t have any problem with a white page staring back at me, a solid wall makes me feel blocked. I need to rest my eyes on something a little further away.

This room had a mirror in front of the desk. Not as blocking as a concrete wall, but plenty distracting.

Luckily there is yoga, an excellent tool to prepare the body for a long period of sitting meditation. Works just as well for some legs-crossed-on-the-floor writing.

Writing on holiday

Writing away from home

My old room

I want to be able to write everywhere. I have found that the only thing I really need, is enough peace of mind to be able to concentrate. Not always possible, but worth striving for.

If I can choose though, I prefer a table and a chair, a view of some sort, and if I am in luck, a closed door. This Easter I found a good place: my old room at my parents place.

If only I could train someone to make me coffee…