Metaphysical books


Physical books

Sometimes when I walk into a bookstore I get the overwhelming feeling that there is enough books in the world. Not enough stories, never enough stories! But enough mass produced copies of books that will only be read once.

Don’t get me wrong, I own all my favorite books in physical editions, but I often read them as ebooks first. And even though I would love to get my own books published traditionally, I think it is a bit stupid of me at the same time. Is traditional publishing the highest proof of success? Will the writers that are good enough to get their work traditionally published keep choosing that?

Being used to buying stuff from the internet and paying for ebooks and other non-tactile services like Spotify, Audible and Netflix, I am more than willing to pay for a good self published book. But while I often read ebooks, I find it hard to trust the quality of a self published book. I also find it difficult to discover new self published writers that are good.

I wonder how long it will be until that changes, because I think it will.




Tuva Tovslid Drawing

Story illustrations

As a child I  remember thinking that adult books were so boring. Just a lot of text and no pictures.

So few adult books are illustrated, and it is a shame. Grown ups can enjoy pictures just as much as children.

Luckily, I have a great edition of the Hobbit and one of the Spiderwick Chronicles, both with inked drawings. And I look at them much more frequently than my other books.

The story I am writing now is about a lot of different horses, and as I love to draw I just have to draw some of them.


Book haul

Only two of those will come along

I am moving in three weeks, and I can’t decide what to do with my books. Bring them all and save for a library or use the opportunity to sort through them and only  take the very best with me?

Last week I found out that the local library will accept personal books and consider adopting them. Maybe I should leave some there.

How to earn a place in my shelf

Tuva Tovslid Book shelf

Some of my books

I love to buy books, but I can’t keep them all. That is not true, I could, but I won’t. Some books are magical, some not so much. When I look at my shelf I want to feel the warm feeling of a good story, the inspiration from a great character or the awe that is awakened by great writing.

I don’t want those feelings diluted, so I have a rather strict policy. The books has to be re-readable or lendable. If I can’t see myself read the book again, or recommend it to someone else, I will give it away.

There is a “book for free” shelf at my local library, I give them away there (and sometimes pick up a new one). It’s a great system.

What I struggle most with at the moment is a serie. I lack one book, and though they are ok, I am not in love with it. But they look so good together. Should I buy the first or give the rest away?

When you want to read it all

Back from the library

Library haul

I have a problem, and no, it isn’t a books vs. time problem. It’s a space and money problem. That is: I would like to read everything (ok, I’ll admit to a small time problem), and everything is often the start of long series.

While most of the books are worth my money, fewer are worthy of my shelf space. The solution? The library.

I try to borrow the first book in new series or the first book of a hyped author (always skeptical when it comes to hype) just to check it out. If it is good enough, I’ll buy the rest.