Porco Rosso and writing for money

I just rewatched Porco Rosso with my eldest son (having kids are finally paying off ). And it hit me how similar adventurers, bounty hunters and free lancers are. And suddenly all the glamour lacking from my view of paid writing, came rushing in. Risking it all to feel truly alive. You have to spend … Continue reading Porco Rosso and writing for money

Back at it

One year after I finished my last manuscript, I am back at it, starting the next one. For a year with little to none writing, a lot has happened, looking back at it. Besides having another baby, that is. I have won two novel competitions (one first place, one third). This has been such a … Continue reading Back at it


I never participated on the NaNoWriMo before. But I love the energy and sentiment. So this year I have teamed up with Hanne, to commit to writing every day. Neither of us are going for 50 000 words. But we will work really hard to write every day. Seven days in, and it is safe … Continue reading NaNoWriMo

Writing weekend

So, I have this favourite writing friend of mine, Hanne Linander, who also seems to have gotten herself into a pregnant situation, litteraly. And based on real life experience, we have concluded that the next year might hold less space for creative writing. So, we decided to go on a proper writing retreat before everything … Continue reading Writing weekend

Low season

It has been slow writing these autumn. I have been posting my second manuscript to several publishers and collected three rejections so far. Would think everyone would jump on the chance for a YA horse story (totally biased horse lover as I am). I have not written every day, having had to prioritise my time … Continue reading Low season