Porco Rosso and writing for money

I just rewatched Porco Rosso with my eldest son (having kids are finally paying off ). And it hit me how similar adventurers, bounty hunters and free lancers are. And suddenly all the glamour lacking from my view of paid writing, came rushing in.

Risking it all to feel truly alive. You have to spend all your money to upgrade your plane (or equivalent), you have to take risky assignments to save the world (or your income), and you are bound to fail so hard that everyone thinks of you as a joke (planning to slyly bypass this one, lets see how it goes.)

But in the end, I plan to end up just like Porco Rosso. No longer a pig, flying into the sunset with admiration (and payment) to last me until the next bad ass problem needs to be put straigth (or someone needs to flesh out their web site).

I have been doing some freelance work earlier for a local museum (educational role play for school children, text for a guided exhibition), and a lot of writing in general (academic and formal reports, websites and social media). And I love working on something that someone actually needs so much they are willing to pay for it. No busy work here.

I already have a personal business as a writer, so now I guess it is time to actually go get some work. Or perhaps I should do as Mr Rosso and retire too a secret beach, waiting for the problems to find me.

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