First review

Borrowed the photo from the review, it was such a cool setup. 

I have been lucky enough to find a fellow writer and reader to read and review my book. Turns out she liked it, and I am again honestly surprised at the joy of sharing the story with someone I have never met.

It starts of like this, and you can read the whole review on Sylvis blog:

A few months back, I recieved a request from author Tuva Tovslid about doing a reader review of her debut novel, “Djevelhogget,” which I (the little attention-addict that I am) of course said yes to.


It needs to be said that I am often and almost always very sceptical about reading Norwegian debuts, for reasons I won’t go into right now (we don’t have all night.)


The last time I remember falling in love with a book after page two, was at the age of twelve, when I opened “Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone” for the first time. Wich in itself is a kind of magic that is hard to find, in my opinion.

That is what happened with “Djevelhogget.”

Thank you, Sylvi, for taking your time to read and review Djevelhogget and for staying active on Instagram (@sylvilel), I enjoy your book posts in my feed!

Nanowrimo update


Nearly done

I guess it says it all that I write this update in January. I kept mywriting up so well the first two weeks. edited a scene a day and revised two thirds of the manuscript that way. But then life knocked rather insistently on the door. And that would have been ok, if it wasn’t about the same time that I was starting on the harder part of the revisions.

I had a rough situation going on at work (am no longer employed there), my husband and son got sick again, so way less sleep at night for me. But among all this, I still think it was the hard part in the manuscript that truly made me stop for a while.

I managed to do a little for the next few days, then managed to talk about how I was not giving up on writing every day (ohuh, bad sign), and then, in the end, I congratulated my self on thinking about writing. And then I admitted defeat.

So, my first nanowrimo lasted for a little more than two weeks. However, yesterday, I finally sat down with the last eigth scenes, and blasted through. The solutions came effortlessly and it felt really good to be back at it. I even managed to send the manuscript (third revision) to two of my most trusted beta readers by the end of the day.

I actually think the result is better now, than I could have managed in November. So here’s one, for knowing my limits.