The concentration

I never participated on the NaNoWriMo before. But I love the energy and sentiment. So this year I have teamed up with Hanne, to commit to writing every day. Neither of us are going for 50 000 words. But we will work really hard to write every day.

Seven days in, and it is safe to say that both of us are working harder for each word than ever before.

I had 29 scenes to edit in my manuscript on the first of November, so my goal is to edit one every day, and have a third draft ready for beta readers by Desember. I might have to add something here and there in the end (deadlines are never good for my free creativity, I get way to effective to stop and play), but at least I have the goal within reach by then. Hopefully.

Still only one week in, but it has been a long time since I have work this consistently on anything, and I love the story.

So go us, and everyone else writing and writing and writing, this grey and dark month.

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