From the launch and then some

My neighbor offered to record from the book launch party, and now he has compiled this video of the event. Brings back some good feelings. Why don’t we do more stuff put in the woods, it’s such a great place to be. I guess there needs to be cake… Anyways, take a look if you are curious to how it all went down.


And here is a short article (in Norwegian), about the even. Except from writing my name wrong repeatedly, it’s a nice one!

The book has also been presented at  It’s so cool that there is different places for readers to stumble upon it now.


It’s out in the wild

I hope to one day stumble upon my book somewhere, totally random. But this is pretty cool too!

It is strange when people contact me to tell me they are reading my book. I often imagined it while writing, usually with some dread, but now that it is a fact, it is mainly fun. It kind of makes story more real, and at the same time, less mine.

Book launch


Reading out loud

On Thursday the 7.6 I finally got to share Djevelhogget with everyone. We gathered in the forest, for a talk about the book with my editor, some reading, and questions.

I’m not sure if it was the sun, the brownies or the coffee, but a lot of people came.

I was rather nervous about reading out loud, the world that has lived in my head for so long. But it was actually fun. And people was so sweet and enthusiastic on my behalf. I even got to sell and sign some copies.

A little bit later that night, we popped the champagne and toasted, just my husband and my closest co-writing friend.

I can still remember sitting down in silence, as my husband watched TV, to write the first tentative sentences, afraid to admit, even to myself, where I hoped all this would end.

And now it is out there, for real. On shelves or bed side tables, or perhaps under a half drunk coffee cup. That is a nice thought.