New project


Amidst all the last minute preparations for the publishing of Djevelhogget, I am trying to get back to my next project.

A couple of months back, I read Big magic by Elisabeth Gilbert. To reduce the pressure when your books is being published (or any other art is being shared), she advises you to already be busy with the next thing. No need to sit around waiting for approval and permission to work on.

That is not to say that I won’t care, I can hardly think about others reading my book without internal somersault, but I agreed with Elisabeth. It feels good to be focused on the next project, the one I can actually do something with, when the feedback starts coming.

So this week, I have gotten some good old writing done almost every day, and it feels so deliberating to be working on my own again, without any specific endgame. An about horses, finally I can write about horses.