So Your Character is From Norway


So Your Character is From Norway ... Featuring Tuva @ Tuva Tovslid

A little interview about Norway

Wanderer’s Pen has a article series going on where she interviews volunteers from around the world to give a firsthand account of being a citizen of their respective country. It’s her “So your character is from….”-series.

A while back she asked if I would tell her readers something about Norway. So I did, of course! It is surprisingly difficult to reflect on the many  unconscious parts of my everyday life. But I tried.

Some stereotypes was unavoidable, my English has, perhaps suitably, a certain Norwegian tendency,  but all in all it gives a tiny look into my version of Norway.

Have a look at the article if you are interested. And don’t forget to browse some of the other interviews, Victoria has covered a lot of interesting countries.


One thought on “So Your Character is From Norway

  1. ladyelasa says:

    Aw thank you for your kind words! It is an honor to have you on my blog! This series is only possible because of awesome volunteers like you!

    Liked by 1 person

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