Spent year, new year


To a year of contrasts

The snow has rained away and the wind is howling through our valley. Upstairs a fire is silently burning low, while I sit downstairs, in a chilly kids room, coffee cup empty but bare feet still warm under the blanket, watching over my sleeping son and thinking about 2017.

Despite throwing up throughout the pregnancy, and the next five months offering up very little sleep, I have managed to get my book accepted for publishing, and done most of the revision on it, written some short stories, and had my first paid writing assignments.

And even though I have felt so so tired and mostly uninspired, I have enjoyed the small writing spaces I have managed to create. I cannot for-see more time freeing up in the coming year, but I am reassured that 2018 will have room for more writing. And most importantly, my book Djevelhogget, will be published this autumn! Just writing it makes my stomach tingle.

So cheers to 2017, a year of change and perseverance, and welcome 2018.

So Your Character is From Norway


So Your Character is From Norway ... Featuring Tuva @ Tuva Tovslid

A little interview about Norway

Wanderer’s Pen has a article series going on where she interviews volunteers from around the world to give a firsthand account of being a citizen of their respective country. It’s her “So your character is from….”-series.

A while back she asked if I would tell her readers something about Norway. So I did, of course! It is surprisingly difficult to reflect on the many  unconscious parts of my everyday life. But I tried.

Some stereotypes was unavoidable, my English has, perhaps suitably, a certain Norwegian tendency,  but all in all it gives a tiny look into my version of Norway.

Have a look at the article if you are interested. And don’t forget to browse some of the other interviews, Victoria has covered a lot of interesting countries.


Beta readers


Time for recreational activities

It actually happened. My editor thinks that my manuscript is ready for beta readers. It felt so far ahead, and now the time has come. And just in time for Christmas. It seems like I will have time to write Christmas cards after all.

I am thrilled to have come this far in the process, and at the same time excited and nervous to get the feedback. Being a beta reader for the same publisher myself, I know how tempting it is to be harsh when you have no relation with the writer. I guess that is part of the stress test (of both me and the book).

It will be really interesting to see where the new beta readers are at, compared to the friends and family I have gotten feedback from earlier. Some of my earlier betas are critical and well read women, but they are still my friends and might have been unintentionally positive.

For now, I’ll just let the manuscript rest and see how many Christmas cookies I can eat until the feedback arrives. I have great ambitions!