A new era

IMG_20170812_184740_097 (1)

My new writing buddy

I got a new writing buddy. Though I have a feeling he won’t increase my words per week count much. Three weeks without writing says not.

Even though I am up several times each night, watching the dark slowly give way to the brightening morning sky, I can’t say I feel particularly inspired. More hungry as it were.

I guess that the first three weeks as a parent isn’t be quite representative for the coming year as a parent, but I am prepared for a serious reduction in productivity. So far at least, I am critically lacking in both sleep and time.

It is a bit scary, knowing that I will have to reprioritize my time. Writing has to step back. But I will find a way, I just have to be smarter about it.

I regret nothing, now lets see how it goes…


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