Writing with a baby


Sleeping, for how long?

I knew that babies take a lot of time, and I was unsure of how my writing time would be affected. Babies sleep a lot, don’t they? They do, but it seems to coincide with my most tired periods. That is the thing. It isn’t the time that stops me from writing, it is the lack of concentration and self-discipline, which seems to run on sleep, not coffee.

Don’t get me wrong, I have surprisingly little time to my self. And even though I would like to proclaim that writing trumps showers, naps and my daily walk, it doesn’t. It could, for a week, but I am in this for the long run.

So, how to adapt? We have bought a vacuum cleaner robot, started ordering our groceries online, and hired a help to cleans the house once a month. This frees up a lot of two hour slots, so now I am (mostly) clean, rested and walked. Which puts me in a good-ish position for self-discipline and concentration. Or, put in other words, I’m back in a position where coffee can again work its magic.

However, I still only have one, maybe two, hours of uninterrupted writing time each day. Which means quality over quantity. I also find if useful to have a defined goal. Not a big one, just something to focus my scattered brain on. One that can withstand unplanned disturbances and sudden loss of motivation and concentration. And maybe most importantly, one that can bear to stay unreached for a time. For I am not going to push through with this project at the expense of either my love for writing or these first months with my son.

I only have one small problem left. I am at risk of spend his sleeping time (my free time) looking at him, rather than do any of my own stuff. I guess parenthood has challenges in store that I haven’t the slightest resilience against.

A new era

IMG_20170812_184740_097 (1)

My new writing buddy

I got a new writing buddy. Though I have a feeling he won’t increase my words per week count much. Three weeks without writing says not.

Even though I am up several times each night, watching the dark slowly give way to the brightening morning sky, I can’t say I feel particularly inspired. More hungry as it were.

I guess that the first three weeks as a parent isn’t be quite representative for the coming year as a parent, but I am prepared for a serious reduction in productivity. So far at least, I am critically lacking in both sleep and time.

It is a bit scary, knowing that I will have to reprioritize my time. Writing has to step back. But I will find a way, I just have to be smarter about it.

I regret nothing, now lets see how it goes…