Cover and rewrites

Tuva Tovslid (18)


Ninth version done! Today I am finally done with rewriting based on my editors feedback. It’s been a challenge to constantly considering whether each sentence is good enough, or if I am just not experienced enough to know it isn’t. Not good for my self-esteem. The manuscript is better for it though, I am certain. And having to look at my weak points for two months have to have taught me something. Let’s hope so.

In addition to editing, I have gotten the first drafts for the cover. I guess there is a reason there is a profession called designer. There is so many possibilities and so much potential, both for genius and for fuck ups.

One have to considered pictures and contrast, colours and fonts, details and target group. Preferably without giving to much weight to personal preferences. Luckily I have a friend to discuss this with, she had some great feedback on font, font families, colours and motive.

I think we landed on something both the publisher and I like, and I look forward to seeing the final version closer to the publishing date.

For now I’ll just enjoy not having any obligatory writing to do, maybe write a short story again, and await the editors verdict.



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