Manuscript progress



It has been about a month since I got the first round of feedback from my editor. I have been revising as much as I can since then. It is good to finally start working on it again.

The feedback mostly focused on sentence level descriptions. I expected us to start with an overall view on characters and plot, but that seems to be saved for our next full revision. I am anxious to hear her thoughts on the dramaturgy and how much work it needs. Large changes are hard work.

I haven’t looked at this manuscript for a year, and I find a lot of stuff to improve. That has to mean that I have developed some, doesn’t it? Don’t answer that, I’ll just go for yes. I need to feel that I am getting better, for it is hard on my confidence to scrutinise my work, searching for mistakes and tings to improve.

I have 1/5 of my manuscript left to correct by hand, and then I need to type all the changes into my computer. Hopefully I’ll send it back to my editor before May… Goals makes me feel like I try my best. I mean, I can blog as long as I have set a goal, right?

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