My writing

Tuva Tovslid working

Writing short stories for practice is such a great way to practice, but I have found it much more motivating to write novel length stories. Part of that is because of all the extra space in a regular novel. But I have come to think that part of the reason is that I have read a lot more novels than short stories, and that this have given me a narrow understanding of how a short story should be.

But then I found this blog, where Maggie Stiefvater and two of her writer colleagues have posted short stories every week for three years. They have even published two books with their short stories. So I bought the books, and I read their blog. And they have inspired me to write shorter texts myself.

So I have decided to write short stories or flash fiction or whatever it ends up being, and posting them here in Short stories, under the Blog page. The stories will be my writing practice and therefor may be a little strange. But why not? As I write in Norwegian, and don’t want to spend my writing time translating, they will be in Norwegian only, for now.

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