Waiting for feedback, again

Tuva Tovslid (3)

Third manuscript in progress

The last three weeks I have been alone all day. My houseband is working, and I haven’t gotten a job myself yet. It feels wrong not to have a job, to live of my savings and be home alone the whole day.

But, I am also *home alone all day*. How often does that happen for a longer periode of time? So I’m taking advantage of it. From eight to twelve each day, I work on my third manuscript.

As I am awaiting feedback on my second manuscript I was reluctant to start on the first draft of the third one. So I tried something new. I write scenes as they come to me in a notebook and collected all my loos notes and ideas on post-its. This has helped me get a feel for the story, hopefully without spending my one chance to discover the story in its entirety for the first time.

I have three more days of this until I have to put it back in the drawer and focus on my second manuscript again. But I will draft the third manuscript fully soon and I really look forward to it.

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