Waiting for feedback, again

Tuva Tovslid (3)

Third manuscript in progress

The last three weeks I have been alone all day. My houseband is working, and I haven’t gotten a job myself yet. It feels wrong not to have a job, to live of my savings and be home alone the whole day.

But, I am also *home alone all day*. How often does that happen for a longer periode of time? So I’m taking advantage of it. From eight to twelve each day, I work on my third manuscript.

As I am awaiting feedback on my second manuscript I was reluctant to start on the first draft of the third one. So I tried something new. I write scenes as they come to me in a notebook and collected all my loos notes and ideas on post-its. This has helped me get a feel for the story, hopefully without spending my one chance to discover the story in its entirety for the first time.

I have three more days of this until I have to put it back in the drawer and focus on my second manuscript again. But I will draft the third manuscript fully soon and I really look forward to it.


Tuva Tovslid (2)

At 9 am

I normally wake up earlier than my houseband. If I can, I like to make coffee and sit down to write in peace until he gets up and we start our day.

Some days ago we had some friends over for dinner and wine, and later breakfast. My friend loves writing as much as me, so we got up, made coffee and sat out in the morning sun, writing, no talking, until the boys got up. That is how you start the day right!