Writing desk Tuva tovslid

This months work place

I have had my manuscript rejected several times now.

It took some time to get past the disappointment of the last one. But after some hours of grumpiness I realized something: it is not the rejection of my work that gets me down.

I don’t suck and my writing doesn’t suck. At least I am fairly certain of that. The disappointment is not a result of hurt pride, it is a result of an opportunity lost.

The opportunity to share my work and the opportunity to get professional feedback and critique. That difference between hurt pride and lost opportunities actually motivates me to write. For every rejections comes as a result of an opportunity taken, and I choose to see an utilized opportunity as a small achievement in it self.


Tuva Tovslid Drawing

Story illustrations

As a child I  remember thinking that adult books were so boring. Just a lot of text and no pictures.

So few adult books are illustrated, and it is a shame. Grown ups can enjoy pictures just as much as children.

Luckily, I have a great edition of the Hobbit and one of the Spiderwick Chronicles, both with inked drawings. And I look at them much more frequently than my other books.

The story I am writing now is about a lot of different horses, and as I love to draw I just have to draw some of them.

Less time

Tuva Tovslid Moving

Sorting books before moving

The last year, I have been lucky enough to have time to write almost every day. The last few weeks though, have not been like that. We are moving to another city in four days, and even when I have time, it is difficult to focus on writing for several hours each day the way I am used to.

I have a strategy though. I spend more time planning what to write, and I try to focus on only a few things each session. It makes the barrier to sit down very low, and this way I’m not so easily overwhelmed.

Having known about the moving for half a year, I have tried to time the writing process with accordingly. Working on the 4th revision as I am now, means that a lot of the big stuff is figured out. I can easier get into the story and it is also easier to put it down without loosing a lot of unwritten thoughts.

This summer I will keep to this slow motion editing. Hopefully this will keep my motivation up and lead to steady progress.