Tuva Tovslid edit


Yesterday I got my manuscript back from my sister, with notes. So many good pointers on character development and believable plot turns, and (rather rare when asking for critique) some compliments.

I find it hard to start edit a draft having already done my best to make it as good as possible. Knowing that I have to make a mess of it to improve it, makes it challenging to pick it up. It’s been close to seven weeks since I gave it to her, after all.

Some things makes it easier though. Spot-on critique is a great source of motivation. When I know how to make it better, it is difficult not to.

A soft start is another trick. I find it easy to get too technical in my planning, so I make time and space just to sit with the story and think freely, not pushing it in a given direction. It might actually be procrastination, but at least I enjoy myself while doing it.

So today I have only listened to music, made better and better lists of what I need to focus on for the next draft, drawn some horses and drunk som coffee. No actually writing, but easing into the story again and getting excited for the potential.

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