Short stories are hard

Tuva Tovslid short story

Editing a short story

Coming up with a story suitable for a short story is hard. I have written some now, and I’m always left with the feeling that they just aren’t that engaging. Short means less character development, less time to introduce the conflict and less time to solve it. It’s difficult not to be too on-the-nose.

I don’t think I have read more than ten short stories that I really liked, so maybe it’s my own preferences for a good story that makes it hard.

I am waiting for feedback from my faithful writing friend this week, hopefully I can get a little bit better at it with some help.


4 thoughts on “Short stories are hard

  1. LionAroundWriting says:

    Its very different from long writing, but I like the practice space to do as much as possible in a small word count. If you want to work on dialogue, character, its easy enough, maybe focus a story on one thing in particular.


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