How to earn a place in my shelf

Tuva Tovslid Book shelf

Some of my books

I love to buy books, but I can’t keep them all. That is not true, I could, but I won’t. Some books are magical, some not so much. When I look at my shelf I want to feel the warm feeling of a good story, the inspiration from a great character or the awe that is awakened by great writing.

I don’t want those feelings diluted, so I have a rather strict policy. The books has to be re-readable or lendable. If I can’t see myself read the book again, or recommend it to someone else, I will give it away.

There is a “book for free” shelf at my local library, I give them away there (and sometimes pick up a new one). It’s a great system.

What I struggle most with at the moment is a serie. I lack one book, and though they are ok, I am not in love with it. But they look so good together. Should I buy the first or give the rest away?

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