Last read-through of last part

Tuva Tovslid Editing

Editing in the spring sun

I am so close to finishing of my seventh draft. After writing the last scene of the last third of the manuscript this morning I printed it, and now I am reading through it. I divided the manuscript in three parts this time to keep myself motivated and to ensure that each part was building on something solid. Didn’t want to come to the end  and discover that I was going in the wrong direction (again).

This part is approximately 84 pages, A4, so I’ll spend a  couple of days on it, though I’ll try to slow down a bit, I am a quick reader. Sometimes to quick.

Reading through like this helps me see each sentence in relation to the surrounding text, something that I find difficult to do when I am working on content and formulation. I fix a lot of smaller things at this stage.

The next, and last, step will be implementing my comments. And then… the seventh (and maybe last) draft version is done.

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