Writing in the morning

Tuva Tovslid Morning coffee

Morning coffee

As long as I haven’t had a hard night and need the sleep, I try to get up at around 7  on weekdays. I don’t have to leave for work until 8:45, so I get around one and a half hour to myself.

I put on my sweatpants, brew some coffee and write. My husband is still asleep, my phone is off and I try to stay away from the internet. Sometimes I find that my mind is to slow to work properly, but mostly I have more peace of mind at this time than any other times during the day. Probably because I know I can’t get anything else done anyway.

I consciously try not to put down any definite goals for the morning sessions. If I have a goal it’s too easy to focus on that instead of the quality of the work. I just get up, make my coffee, put on some music and edit a scene or two until I have to get on my bike and ride to work.

The april morning sun makes it ten times better.

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